Power back on for more than 90% of homes in Brussels communes
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Power back on for more than 90% of homes in Brussels communes

Shortly after midnight last night, the Brussels electricity grid distribution operator, Sibelga, resumed supplying electricity, once again, to communes plunged into darkness from 10.40 p.m. The spokesperson for Sibelga, Philippe Massart, said when speaking to the Belga press agency around 1 p.m., “Power is back on for more than 90% of homes.”

Massart stated categorically, “The situation which arose from 10.40 p.m was not directly Sibelga’s fault.”

Mr Massart stressed, “Of the 48 power posts,” power lines where electricity carried by the operator Elia, are distributed in the Brussels-Capital region, “we lost only five. This impacted upon around 10% of the Brussels region.”

One post quickly resumed power transmission from Elia, and four others did so shortly after midnight. From this point onwards, Sibelga was able to reconstruct its network and, once again, supply affected communes with electricity.

District by district, the communes of Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse, Evere, and to a lesser extent Bruxelles Ville and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, once again got their power back.

The Elia electricity network operator in Belgium stated around 1.20 p.m.,“Every high-voltage post has been reactivated. The power outage will gradually be resolved.”

The company indicated that the Brussels power outage was exclusively a technical error regarding a high-voltage pylon, feeling it important to stress that the incident was not linked to a terrorist attack.

The operator has every intention of investigating the “exact technical causes” to avoid any large-scale repetition and “apologised for any inconvenience caused.”

Christopher Vincent
The Brussels Times