Plane noise – The airport regulator is checking if Brussels Airport meets noise level limits

Does Brussels Airport Company (BAC) meet the environmental and noise level conditions for its operating licence? The Regulation Service, the economic regulator for the airport, announced they would be looking into it on Sunday. This is because of a series of complaints from residents and an association that helps residents with airplane noise issues.

The Service that regulates rail transport and Bruxelles-National Airport said it had received a large number of complaints “about BAC constantly exceeding the noise levels put in place by the Bruxelles-Capitale region” between the 10th and 17th of February. This would mean the company would no longer meet the conditions for its licence to operate at Bruxelles-National Airport.

The regulation Service has decided to act even if it can’t deal with the complaints per se. It is moving “to make BAC respect noise levels”. It has said that as part of the conditions for its operating licence, BAC has to “respect the noise levels that Bruxelles-Capitale and Flanders have put in place with federal authorities”.

When the decision to do an audit was made, it included numerous complaints that the Airport’s mediation service had received over the last few years. The regulator said the complaints were due to airplane noise levels exceeding the limits Brussels authorities had agreed in 2016, on many occasions.

How long the audit will last has not been revealed. If they fail, BAC will have several months to make changes.

(Source: Belga)

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