Jewish Museum attack: case with Federal Prosecutor's Office

Jewish Museum attack: case with Federal Prosecutor's Office
With the investigation finished, the case is with the Federal Prosecutor's Office. The next issue is which court should have trial jurisdicion.

La Dernière Heure reports today (Wednesday) that the investigation into the Brussels Jewish Museum attack, which took place in 2014, has now ended. The daily newspaper touches on a trial due to take place, at the beginning of 2018, in respect of this tragic carnage.

The incident took the lives of four people and the prime suspect is Mehdi Nemmouche.

After an investigation on the Jewish Museum attack lasting nearly three years, as alluded to above, this part of the legal process has come to an end.

La Dernière Heure has learned from judicial sources that the investigating judge, Berta Bernardo-Mendez, has referred the case to the Federal Prosecutor's Office.

The Deputy Federal Public Prosecutor, Bernard Michel, must prepare his case before it is referred, in two months, to the court in chambers. The latter will decide which court shall have jurisdiction to try the defendants.

A trial in the Assize Court is greatly favoured by those claiming damages in the case, and indeed Mehdi Nemmouche's Defence team. The spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office, Eric Van der Sijpt, prefers not to indicate the Public Prosecutor's official preferred stance, as between the Criminal Court and the Assize Court.

Two other suspects, Nacer Bendrer and Mounir Atallah, have also been charged in this case, in addition to Mehdi Nemmouche who has to date remained silent about the incident.

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