Brussels strongly rejects the confederalist model because of previous action

Brussels strongly rejects the confederalist model because of previous action

The Brussels President-Minister Rudi Vervoort once again strongly rejected the confederalist model the N-VA had put forward over the last few days. He highlighted the ‘efficient’ action taken by Brussels authorities to manage the economic impact of the attacks over the last year. He also spoke of the plan to continue developing the Region.

As well as N-VA President Bart De Wever, the N-VA head for the Brussels Parliament Johan Van den Driessche also called for a co-management model in Le Soir. This would mean Brussels would be managed by Flanders and Wallonia.

“We strongly reject the 2 entity confederalist model, which has been concocted by certain, shall I say, creative minds. It would mean Brussels residents would have to choose whether to be Flemish or Walloon. I can’t accept this when I look at what we have achieved and the fairness of our actions. I vigorously reject this co-management model. It would be based on anachronist sub-nationalities that would create solidarity systems to compete with Brussels”, Rudi Vervoort said. He was speaking at an academic session to open the Iris faculty. The Iris is the symbol for the Brussels Region, which was formed 28 years ago.

The President-Minister added that “as with family benefits, I will not tolerate an artificial divide in a population that is richly diverse”.

Mr Vervoort did not hide his annoyance at witnessing “old models and sterile criticism” when Brussels was being celebrated. “That doesn’t help anybody, certainly not Brussels residents”, he said.

(Source: Belga)

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