Some 110,000 individuals take part in Iris Festival

Some 110,000 individuals take part in Iris Festival
This year, the Iris Festival involved various concerts and recreational activities, including nightlife events.

This weekend, some 110,000 people took part in the Iris Festival.
It was organised to coincide with the 28th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital region. Event organisers were able to state the approximate number of participants.

This year, the public had the opportunity to attend a series of concerts on the Place des Palais, as well as various recreational activities in the Parc de Bruxelles. The Brussels parliament also opened its doors to visitors.

Throughout the weekend, the so-called “Iris Nights” also invited revellers to plunge into the Brussels nightlife. This was made possible by various events scattered throughout the region. Fortuitously this year Europe joined in the festivities, during the traditional Europe Day.

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