Taxi plan: annoyed with “unplanned industrial action” Dilliès requests that accelerator be pressed

Taxi plan: annoyed with “unplanned industrial action” Dilliès requests that accelerator be pressed
Boris Dilliès says that now is the time to act on the new proposed taxi plan, rather than bringing the centre of Brussels to a standstill. © Belga

The Brussels liberal opposition deputy Boris Dilliès was angered yesterday (Tuesday). The action taken by “a minority” of taxi drivers, which paralysed the centre of Brussels was the source of his chagrin. He could not hide his impatience in wanting to “finally” see the reform promised by the Brussels government materialise.

Mr Dilliès in particular said, “It is scandalous that a minority of taxi drivers are paralysing Brussels. This minority, although it has a right to be heard, cannot hold the people of Brussels hostage. It seems that it is, in particular, owing to pressure from this ‘monopolistic group’ that the Brussels region is deciding to stick to its position.” Dilliès stated this in a communiqué upon the taxi drivers’ protests.

According to police sources, several dozen taxi drivers – around 100 – blocked the Brussels Inner Ring Road, as a result of Tuesday morning’s meeting with the Minister for Transport, Pascal Smet (sp.a – Alternative Socialist Party). All stakeholders were discussing the regional government’s taxi plan. The organisers of the event actually put the attendance figure at 200.

Boris Dilliès says, “A dialogue cannot take place in such conditions. Moreover, still the people of Brussels suffer as a result and are victims of the taxi drivers’ actions. All this when they only want one thing: a quality transport service.”

The liberal deputy further said, “It is time for this reform to finally materialise, and for such behaviour on the part of taxi drivers to carry legal penalties.”

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