Trump Brussels visit: authorities to ensure as far as possible that “everyday life continues as normal”

Trump Brussels visit: authorities to ensure as far as possible that “everyday life continues as normal”
The authorities are on their guard for any terrorist alerts in relation to potential attacks during the NATO “Summit”, particularly with President Trump visiting.© Belga

The security services and competent authorities are cooperating closely, in view of the special meeting of the heads of state and government of the 28 NATO member states (and a further state). The meeting is due to take place next Thursday (May 25th) in Brussels.

The FPS Interior broadly confirmed the nature of this collaboration yesterday (Wednesday).

OCAM (the Coordinating Organisation for Threat Analysis) has determined various threat levels which are specific to this particular meeting. No specific details are being communicated in this regard, but the communiqué states that, for the moment, the organisation has “no information indicating that preparations may be being made for a terrorist attack during the visit.”

The American President, Donald Trump, will undertake his brief visit to Brussels on May 24th and May 25th.

OCAM has produced threat assessments and various specific threat levels have been determined. These include for the NATO “Summit” in the new building in Evere, for the various heads of state and government as well as their potential delegations throughout the visit, and during demonstrations. No specific details of the OCAM conclusions have been communicated.

The FPS Interior states, however, “at the current time, none of the assessments have been determined as threat level 4. This means that OCAM has no information indicating that a terrorist attack may be being prepared.”

Additional precautionary security measures have been taken. This is, in particular, the case to protect the relevant institutions and individuals due to be present, delegation escorts, security perimeters, as well as the control of airspace.

On 24th May and 25th May, police arrangements put in place will be the responsibility of the Brussels Capital-Ixelles local police zone. This will include federal police and other local police zone reinforcements, as well as international support.

The authorities will ensure “that everyday life is as normal” as possible for residents, shop keepers or other users affected by the “Summit”, and official visits which will accompany it.

The FPS Interior says, “Everyone is invited to heed practical information disseminated by both traditional and social media, in particular in respect of their own transport needs.”

It elaborates, “The public should be aware of the various security perimeters due to be implemented or approach roads which might be closed during the visit.”

The FPS Interior is also requesting that people do not contact 112 for non-urgent reasons, “but to, of course, indicate, where appropriate, any suspect objects or behaviour.”

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