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EU and US do not share “common stance” on Russia

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Donald Tusk believes that the EU and President Trump, share common views on many issues, although Russia remains a sticking point.
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The European Union and the United States do not share “a common stance” on Russia. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, stated this point this morning (Thursday). This came after the first official meeting in Brussels of EU leaders with the American President, Donald Trump.

Mr Tusk acknowledged to the press, “My feeling is that we agree on many subjects.”

He went on, “However there are certain issues upon which we have yet to agree a way forward. Examples are climate and trade issues.”

He said this following a meeting with the American President.

He stressed, “I am not 100% sure that Mr President and I can say that we have a common position, even a common opinion, on Russia.”

However, Mr Tusk did remark that he and Mr Trump were “agreed” concerning the conflict in the Ukraine.

The President of the European Council also indicated that he had stressed the importance of values and principles to the 45th American President.

He has gone so far as to tweet, “Our greatest task in modern times is to consolidate the free world around western values, not simply around the interests of individual countries.”

The Brussels Times