Here are the main projects this summer in Brussels

Here are the main projects this summer in Brussels
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As is the case every year, the Brussels Region will take advantage of the summer period to carry out certain phases of construction sites that are rather cumbersome for traffic management, said the cabinet of the Minister of Public Works, Pascal Smet (sp.a), on Thursday. During the Pentecost weekend, the Buyl junction of Boulevard Général Jacques will be closed to all traffic due to the redevelopment of the boulevard, which aims to create a separate and safe cycle path.

Throughout the construction period (several months), one lane per direction will be available for traffic. Buses will be diverted. The tram service will be replaced by a shuttle bus during the summer.

From 1 July, Brussels Mobilité will carry out the last phase of the waterproofing on the Rogier tunnel. The Boulevard du Jardin Botanique will be closed to traffic between boulevard Jaquemin and Rue Neuve. The roadway will be reopened to traffic on 1 September.

Also, on 1 July, the STIB will renovate the switches at the Globe junction, resulting in its complete closure for 2 months.

From the beginning of August, Brussels Mobilité will begin the major renovations of the 4 Reyers tunnels. The phasing of this major project will be presented as soon as the planning permission is obtained in the coming weeks.

At the beginning of July, the STIB will refurbish the Simonis terminal, which will cause disruption to the passengers on lines 13, 14, 15 and 19. The construction is expected to end at the end of August.

At the beginning of August, Brussels Mobilité will begin the redevelopment of Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, to install a separate and secure cycle path, and renovate sidewalks. During the construction period, a traffic lane will be maintained in each direction.

In order to renovate the bridge spanning the Maelbeek Valley, between 1 July and 31 August, traffic on Loi Street will be limited on 2 traffic bands. The Brussels Mobilité and Sibelga joint venture will also require the closing of the Joyeuse-Entrée entrance to the Loi tunnel during the same period.

From June 28, traffic will again be allowed on one traffic lane per direction in the tunnel of the Porte de Hal that is being renovated.

The works will require the total closure of the Chaussée d’Ixelles between Place Fernand Coq and Rue de la Paix. The redevelopment of this section will be carried out until October 2017.

In the context of the creation of tram line 9, which connects Simonis to Arbre Ballon, Vivaqua and STIB will work together in the Rue Léon Théodor, involving its traffic closure and the interruption of line 19. Rails to the future Miroir stop will also laid at the junction of avenue de Jette and avenue Carton Wiart. Buses 13, 14 and 15 will have to be rerouted.

The extension of tram line 94 on Woluwe Boulevard will be concentrated between Rue De Becker and Wolubilis to allow the reopening of the tunnel during July.

As part of the Porte de Ninove project, the Ninove roadway will be reopened to traffic towards Molenbeek in July.

Beyond this non-exhaustive list, other projects are detailed every week on the Brussels transport website.

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