Pascal Smet asks for resignation of Yvan Mayeur

Pascal Smet asks for resignation of Yvan Mayeur
Smet is certain that he would like Mayeur to resign.© Belga

The Brussels Minister for Transport, Pascal Smet (sp.a), is asking for the resignation of the Mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur (PS). The Flemish Socialist today (Thursday) tweeted, “The current situation is unacceptable and morally reprehensible. Mr Mayeur should take his responsibilities seriously in the coming hours.” Yvan Mayeur is at the heart of recent revelations on the controversial management of the SAMU Social (the municipal humanitarian service) in Brussels. He may have, in particular, together with the former boss of the association, Pascale Peraïta, been paid two-thirds of the budget originally allocated for directors of this particular third sector organisation. The Mayor of Brussels says that the “net amount that he was paid, with tax deductions, was 700 euros per month.”

On the news website, Mr Smet states that his party will refuse to sit as the governing coalition on Brussels City Council if Mr Mayeur and Ms Peiraïta, the President of Public Centre for Social Welfare (“CPAS”), continue to sit on it.

He stated before a meeting of the Brussels government, “It is terrible and no explanation is being given. Mayeur and Peraïta’s situation is untenable. The investigation must continue but both of them must leave.”

The President of the Flemish Socialists, John Crombez, had already touched on a possible departure of the sp.a from the governing Brussels City Council coalition, depending upon the outcome of the SAMU Social investigation.

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