Yvan Mayeur resignation

Yvan Mayeur resignation
Yvan Mayeur's resignation has led to a plethora of reactions from Brussels City Council and the Socialist Party.© Belga

Discussions are taking place within the Socialist-Liberal majority coalition, in Brussels City Council, around the change of roles within the council’s electoral college. This follows the resignation of the Mayor, Yvan Mayeur. These discussions were put on hold during the night, after several hours of exchanges. They were scheduled to resume today. This has been revealed by sources close to the aldermen in Brussels City Council. As happened last night, no details were given as to the location of the discussions.

On Thursday, the meeting had been held in secret, away from cameras and microphones. Journalists were present in vast numbers but in vain, outside Brussels City Council, at the beginning of the evening.

No information filtered through as to contents of the exchanges following the Mayor, Yvan Mayeur’s, announcement of his resignation. This comes in the context of the SAMU Social scandal. There was one exception: the Socialists – who flatly refuted it on the stroke of midnight, saying that Yvan Mayeur was “clinging onto” his mandate. Certain messages on social media had suggested this earlier on in the evening.

It also emerged that the resignation of Yvan Mayeur will take effect on June 26th, the date of the council meeting. Coincidentally this will theoretically be the last meeting before the summer holidays.

The chances of the sp.a being involved in the negotiations with the Socialist-Liberal majority coalition within Brussels City Council, over the change of roles within the electoral college, are somewhat low. These negotiations result from Yvan Mayeur’s resignation. The President of the Flemish Socialists, John Crombez, indicated this morning that this is the position regarding the sp.a and the negotiations.

Mathematically, the presence of the Flemish Socialists within the Brussels City Council majority coalition is not absolutely necessary.

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