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    SAMU Social Brussels: Pascale Peraïta also decides to resign

    © Belga
    Pascale Peraïta is now following suit by resigning in the SAMU Social affair.
    © Belga

    Following Yvan Mayeur, the President of CPAS within Brussels City Council, Pascale Peraïta (PS), has also decided to resign. This was indicated yesterday (Thursday) by the CPAS President’s department to the Belga press agency. The department refused to make any further comment.
    As with that of the Mayor, Yvan Mayeur, submitted on Thursday evening during a majority coalition meeting, Ms Peraïta’s resignation is directly linked to the SAMU Social management affair. She had worked for SAMU Social for several years and, in particular, upon the allocation of director’s fees. She worked on these with a specific remit for those in her department.

    As such, last year Ms Peraïta earned more than 17,000 euros, according to Brussels government commissioners, which it appears was calculated upon a fixed sum. This was approximately the same amount each month. This appears to be all the more suspicious, since the commissioners have been unable to find records (agendas or statements) of meetings to which these fees were supposed to relate.

    In 2013, Pascale Peraïta had also been at the centre of a controversy following a report by the Inspectorate-General of Finances, which proved somewhat negative, in relation to the keeping of accounts for this third sector organisation. It raised questions as to her pay for additional hours as a director of SAMU Social. Her housing role at Brussels City Council had then also angered the cdH and Ecolo opposition at the council.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times