The way the military soldiers used their weapon was legal

The way the military soldiers used their weapon was legal
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According to early observations from video surveillance footage in the investigations in the terrorist attempt in Brussels Central Station, it appears that soldiers opened fire on the terrorist as he approached closer to them in a dangerous way. The terrorist, Oussama Z. ran towards the soldiers with an object in his hands and shouted “Allah Akbar”, indicated the Brussels prosecutor on Wednesday.

An autopsy of the terrorist’s body is being carried out Wednesday afternoon by a forensic pathologist. The results of this autopsy are still not concluded. However, according to early elements in the investigation, the way the soldiers used their weapons looks to be in line with the framework regulations and in their authority.

Any time there is an incident where a soldier has opened fire, the prosecutor opens an investigation. So this is standard procedure, following the neutralisation of the individual who attempted to carry out a terrorist act Tuesday evening in Brussels Central Station.

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