Brussels attacks: terrorists were also planning to strike other targets

Brussels attacks: terrorists were also planning to strike other targets
Investigators reviewing the laptop, found in the attacks last year, have found evidence that the Brussels terrorists also had other targets in mind.© Belga

The terrorists, who committed the attacks at Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek metro station on March 22, 2016, also had additional Brussels targets in mind. This observation emerges from the analysis of the portable computer found in Schaerbeek. The daily newspapers La Dernière Heure and Het Laatste Nieuws indicated this on Tuesday. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office does not wish to comment upon the information.

The laptop belonging to the terrorists was discovered on March 22nd, 2016 in the bin on the Rue Max Roos in Schaerbeek. This was not far from the hideout from where the commando left to commit the ruthless attack at Brussels Airport. The computer has provided investigators with a mine of information. Per La Dernière Heure and Het Laatste Nieuws, photos of the terrorists, in thumbnail format, have been found.

On these photos, we can see Najim Laachraoui, Ibrahim El Bakraoui and Mohamed Abrini laying on a mattress and in front of the black flag of the terrorist group, Islamic State. They are in sucession holding a copy of the Koran or a weapon.

Investigators have also discovered a series of weapons which have still not been found. These weapons include VZ58s and Kalachnikovs, a pump-action shotgun, two pistols and a grenade. There is also what appears to be a Tupperware box containing powder, which might reasonably be TATP (triacetone triperoxide) explosive. This was used in the attacks.

Thumbnails and conversations recorded between the terrorists and those giving them orders based in Syria, reveal that the terrorists envisaged other attack targets and that they were seeking information about these. The targets were the military hospital in Neder-over-Heembek and its Director, the para-commandos barracks in Flawinne and the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Moreover, a press article entitled “Where should you go for a drink and attend a concert in Brussels?” had been consulted by the terrorists. Furthermore, as previously indicated, they were considering targeting nuclear installations.

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