Brussels unemployment still decreasing

Brussels unemployment still decreasing
At the end of June, there were 8,535 young jobseekers in Brussels.© Belga

The Brussels-Capital region had 91,560 jobseekers in total at the end of June. This is an unemployment rate of 16.4%. This was indicated by the Brussels regional employment office, Actiris. This is the 32nd successive decrease in unemployment, corresponding to a reduction of 5.1% compared to June 2016.

Youth unemployment, which has continuously decreased for four years, has reached a rate of 21.6%. At the end of June, Brussels had some 8,535 young jobseekers, or 955 less than in June 2016 (a decrease of 10.1%).

Moreover, during June 2017, Actiris received a total of 19,442 employment opportunities, of which 6,045 were in Brussels.

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