Struggle against discrimination on firing: Greens content to see Brussels ahead in checks

On Thursday, the Brussels Greens welcomed extremely positively, the Brussels government’s decision to authorise eventually social inspectors making checks. This is in company discrimination cases where individuals have been fired.

This decision, which must yet obtain the backing of the Brussels Parliament, will enable the organisation of situation testing, through sending assorted dual CVs with fictitious identities and mystery calls.

The Leader of Groen, Bruno De Lille, commented to the Brussels Parliament, “In the beginning, the Brussels government had adopted a cautionary approach, but, along the way, we have managed to convince the majority. In the end, we are going to chalk up significant progress, as regards the fight against discrimination upon being fired. We hope that this pioneering text will inspire other levels of power in Belgium. The Walloon and Flemish governments and the federal government have not, up to now, gone as far as this document does in this sphere.”

Per Mr De Lille, Minister Gosuin had initially refused to implement situation testing in Brussels. Upon the initiative of Ecolo and Groen, the Brussels Parliament organised a series of hearings with experts on this topic. This enables the debate to be opened up and to overcome obstacles put forward by the majority. The elected member of the Greens added, “The fact that the minister has ended up by coming with us, is evidence of significant progress. This a major advance. It is necessary, at the moment, that the Social Inspectorate is equipped with the means to enable both situation testing and mystery calls.”

The Greens moreover request that the Brussels government goes further by enabling inspectors to act not only on the basis of complaints upon strong presumptions, but upon their initiative.

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