Samusocial Investigative Committee: Yvan Mayeur announces future retirement from politics
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    Samusocial Investigative Committee: Yvan Mayeur announces future retirement from politics

    The former mayor of the Brussels City Council will not take part in political life in the future. He said this on Wednesday after his long hearing before the Investigative Committee on the management of Samusocial. In this he defended the work of the homeless association in the capital at all levels.

    He said to committee members, “I will not participate in political life.” He said that he hoped his explanations and responses to the numerous questions of the Samusocial will contribute to persuading the committee to maintain the relevance of the association in favour of society’s poorest.

    During exchanges with commissioners, Mr Mayeur considered that he would not envisage reimbursing his attendance fees if this was considered as an admission of guilt, save for those amounts that he earned when he was not President of the Board.

    The former Mayor lamented that no journalist had asked him the question as to the means of distributing attendance fees within Samusocial.

    He repeated that according to the lawyers he had asked, from a legal point of view, attendance fees earned at Samusocial, should not be included in the calculation to comply with the ceiling equivalent to 150% of the income of a parliamentary deputy.

    He said, “If that had had to be included in this calculation, I would have done so.” However, he regretted not having done so, just as he had not known how to execute an exit route from Samusocial in 2013, with the pressure on the Samusocial teams and the Board pressure on him to stay.

    Moreover, Mr Mayeur indicated that before the onset of crisis around Samuocial, these “affairs” had forced upon him the intention to reduce his mandates to two in 2017, and a single one in 2018 (Mayor of Brussels).

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times