Former Brussels mayor leaves city council in two weeks

Former Brussels mayor leaves city council in two weeks
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Former Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur will resign as city councillor on the 25th of September, current mayor Philippe Close announced on Monday on Bel-RTL radio. “He is going to resign on the 25th of September,” said Close, who became mayor on the 20th of July after Mayeur resigned as city manager following a controversy over the management of Samusocial, a non-profit body that cares for homeless persons.

Close also called on Monday for better concertation between the Brussels regional government and the municipalities “so that projects do not all begin at the same time”, a reference to an accumulation of road projects that has disrupted traffic since the start of the school year in Brussels.

The railway sector has also had its share of problems. “The project that absolutely has to be completed is the RER,” the mayor said. Work on the regional express network, RER, has been ongoing for years.

“Eighty percent of the RER is there; the Brussels stations could already be activated,” said the mayor, who explained, however, that he was “not against shuttles”.

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