Brussels attacks: continued detention for Ossama Krayem and Mohamed Abrini

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has indicated, as part of the ongoing investigation into the Brussels metro and Brussels Airport attacks on March 22nd, 2016, that the Brussels Court in Chambers has prolonged the police custody of Ossama Krayem and Mohamed Abrini by two months. This occurred on Thursday. If they appeal this decision they will appear before the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal in fifteen days.

Mohamed Abrini, who was a suspect from the attacks of November 13th, 2015, carried out in Paris, was arrested for questioning on April 8th, 2016, on Square Albert in Anderlecht. He acknowledged being the man in the hat on the video surveillance images, or the third man identified with the two suicide bombers at Brussels Airport, who abandoned a suitcase filled with explosives.

Mohamed Abrini was accused of participation in terrorist group activities, terrorist killings and attempted terrorist killings in the investigation following the Brussels attacks. He was also charged with participation in terrorist group activities and terrorist killings, as part of the investigation into the Paris attacks.

Ossama Krayem is a Swedish citizen originally from Malmö who was, up to that point, known by the alias “Naïm Al Hamed.” He was arrested on April 8th in Laeken. At the time of the Brussels attacks, he was in the City 2 shopping complex, buying bags used during the attacks.

Shortly before the attack committed in the Maelbeek metro station, he was filmed in the Pétillon station when he was discussing furtively with Khalid El Bakraoui, the terrorist who blew himself up in Maelbeek. He gave El Bakraoui a bag containing explosives. Ossama Krayem was accused of participation in terrorist group activities and terrorist assassinations in the investigation relating to the Brussels attacks.

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