Inmate in Saint-Gilles prison receives Daesch recruitment letter

Inmate in Saint-Gilles prison receives Daesch recruitment letter
This isolated incident shows that Daesch may be targeting inmates in Belgian prisons, as part of its recruitment strategy.© Belga

This summer, an inmate in Saint-Gilles prison received a letter inviting him to join Islamic State. It encouraged him to make contact with a specific individual in the Brussels region. This information was published on Wednesday by the La Capitale online publication, and was confirmed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels. An investigation was opened at the time.

The inmate in question has no links with terrorism. He had been imprisoned for drugs and theft offences.

The letter was slid under the door of his cell. It also promised him a parcel of land. As indicated above, the prisoner was invited to meet, through specific channels, an individual with knowledge of the situation in the Brussels region. Enclosures with the letter included a guide on how to enter Syria, and a photograph of an armed combatant. The inmate alerted his lawyer that he had received the letter.

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