STIB orders five electric buses for 2018

STIB orders five electric buses for 2018
The standard electric buses will be equipped with “overnight charging” technology having their batteries recharged at the bus depot.© Belga

The Board of Directors of the Brussels public transport company has named the company which will shortly supply it with five standard electric buses. STIB made this public on Wednesday in a communiqué. For now it has not disclosed the supplier’s name. These new vehicles will be tested on the present Brussels network in 2018.

The buses in question will be equipped with “overnight charging” technology, with their batteries being recharged when they are at the bus depot. STIB explained this, whilst also stating that the purchase of these five new vehicles and their recharging system has necessitated an investment of €5.6 million.

In addition to these standard electric buses, a similar order for electric articulated vehicles is also anticipated. Moreover, the Brussels company will be equipping itself, in the coming months, with seven electric “midibuses” to serve the future Citybus line. The latter will serve pedestrians in the city centre and ensure that there is a link between the upper and lower sections of the city. Moreover, tests of hybrid buses are currently being carried out with a view to an order for 235 vehicles.

Brieuc de Meeûs, the STIB CEO, stresses, “Our ambition is to offer ever more places and ever more comfort to our passengers, thus continuing to keep Brussels moving. At the same time we are working towards a less polluted city, which is more pleasant for everyone to live in. Equipping depots, training teams and altering consumer habits is all part of a long process.”

For his part the Minister for Transport in the Brussels-Capital region, Pascal Smet, is indicating, “In 2018, the first buses which will be 100% electric will thus run as promised, on the STIB network. This initial step will lead to the widespread operation of green buses in 2030. The challenge is vital both for for STIB and our region as a whole.”

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