Catalan mayors will raise their case in Brussels

Catalan mayors will raise their case in Brussels

Some 200 Catalan mayors will travel to Brussels on Tuesday to explain the situation in Catalonia, reported the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia today. They will raise the imprisonment of members of the former regional government and the application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which puts Catalonia under the central government's trusteeship.

The mayor of the municipality of Premià Mar (Barcelona) and president of the Associació Catalana de Municipis (ACM), Miquel Buch, as well as the mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) and president of the Associació de Municipis per la Independência (AMI), Neus Lloveras, announced on Monday their visit to Brussels in an interview at Catalunya Radio.

The decision to go together to Brussels was taken last Friday at a joint meeting of the two municipal officials.

The round-trip to Brussels on Tuesday will be an opportunity to address "the violence of the police and the judicial and political authorities" against supporters of Catalan independence, says Buch. The latter also claims that there might be double as many who will go to the European capital.

The Catalan association of entrepreneurs, which is opposed to the independence of the region, will also meet in Brussels on Tuesday. It will give a press conference at 12.30 in the European Parliament. Several MEPs will also speak, confirms Empresaris de Catalunya.

A complaint from the Spanish public prosecutor's office has been filed against Neus Lloveras and Miquel Buch, as well as several hundred Catalan mayors, for collaborating in the organization of the 1 October referendum on independence from Spain.

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