Electric cars have less range in tests than promised

The range of some models of electric cars differs significantly in real traffic conditions from what the car manufacturers are advertising, reported Le Soir and De Standaard today. The cars were tested by the consumer association Test-Achats. In real traffic conditions, the driving range of Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and Opel Ampera was about 40 % less than advertised.

"Our test demonstrates what some experts have been suspecting," writes Test-Achats. "The real range of electric vehicles is between 80% and 50% of the range announced in the NEDC cycle when driving on motorways or in difficult weather conditions".

NEDC stands for "New European Driving Cycle". It has been designed to assess emission levels and fuel economy in internal combustion cars but has been criticized for not corresponding to reality.

Test-Achats concludes that tests should be carried out under real traffic conditions to deliver reliable results.

For average commuting driving the range of electric cars is sufficient but the tests points to the need in investments in charging infrastructure for longer distances.

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