Charles Michel says no to negotiations with Belgian IS fighters
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    Charles Michel says no to negotiations with Belgian IS fighters

    Belgium will not negotiate with any returning Belgian or other fighters belonging to the Islamic State (IS), stated Prime Minister Charles Michel yesterday on VTM. “There is no space for these people in our society,” he said. “We must respect international law but there is no place for laxity. We will choose a very strict approach.”

    “I do not see how it is possible to start negotiations with war criminals,” he added. “We must develop a strategy based on international law and in consultation with our European partners.”

    It was learned a few days ago that Tarik Jadaoun, one of the most prominent combatants still alive, currently in an Iraqi prison, wants to collaborate with the Belgian security services.

    Known as Abu Hamza Al-Belgiki, he was arrested during the reconquest of Mosul. He claimed to have played a major role in the training of IS child soldiers. He reportedly said that he has information that would allow Belgium to make progress in the fight against terrorism.

    The Prime Minister will defend this approach today (18 December) before the national Security Council. He wants the files of Belgians in Iraq and Syria to be examined on a case by case basis but not to negotiate with them. “We cannot be open to negotiations with terrorists after the tragedies we suffered in Belgium and other countries,” he said.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times