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    Employment status of couriers in Deliveroo unclear

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The standoff between couriers and management in Deliveroo continues. A new meeting was held yesterday, during which the couriers, backed by the unions, have again expressed their refusal to be  imposed the status of independent (self-employed).

    Deliveroo is a British company specializing in the delivery of restaurant meals by bicycle. “The management came back to us late Monday afternoon, assuring us that they wanted to continue talking but needed more time. They asked us to suspend any actions while reaffirming their wish to treat all couriers as independent by the end of the month “, explained Martin Willems from the trade union.

    The couriers (riders) want to continue to have the choice to be represented by Smart, a cooperative that allows them to benefit of social protection and insurance in case of accident, or to work as independent.

    “This Smart status is not ideal, but it gives at least access to social benefits, but in October Deliveroo’s management announced that it wanted to work only with independent staff while admitting the limits of such as system and denounced its contract with Smart “, Willems said.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times