Less than 2 % found positive in driving control

Less than 2 % found positive in driving control
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Nearly 48,000 drivers were checked during the “driving weekend without alcohol” carried out by the federal highway police and local police during 12 – 15 January. In total, less than 2% of the people checked were driving under the influence of alcohol. During 60 hours, from Friday 18h to Monday 6h, police in 128 police zones carried out controls of the consumption of alcohol or drugs on highways, regional and communal roads.

A total of 47,921 drivers were checked. Out of these, a negative pre-test for 36,866 was enough. A little more than 11,000 others had to take a breathalyzer for estimating blood alcohol content. Of these, only 902 (or 1.9% of those checked) were under the influence of alcohol.

More specifically, 0.8% of the drives were in the “alert” category, which is between 0.22 mg / l and 0.35 mg / l of alcohol in the blood, and 1.1% were above.

During the campaign last year, the proportion was 2.1%. “This decrease tends to prove that prevention, awareness and enforcement have a positive impact on the behavior of drivers,” said the police. “The decrease can only satisfy us, even if the goal of zero alcohol not yet been reached.”

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