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    Maximilien Park: plan of 12 to 20 arrests per day


    A federal police source has said their aim is to arrest 12 to 20 people a day in Maximilien Park and the Gare du Nord. They also said Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon and State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration Theo Francken prefer discreet daily arrests by non-uniformed staff rather than grand gestures.

    Big operations would be judged too politically sensitive as the communes of Schaerbeek and St-Josse do not want to be associated with them. Discreet “extractions” will also mean law enforcement will not alert associations that defend unregistered people.

    When contacted by Belga, the police source mentioned targeted arrests according to immigrant’s origins and availability of spaces in detention centres and flights used for deportation. The same source also spoke about rumours of a desire to deport Sudanese nationals to other European countries that move them closer to Khartoum.

    Jan Jambon’s cabinet did not react when asked about this. 

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times