Abdeslam trial: the defendants risk 20 years maximum

Abdeslam trial: the defendants risk 20 years maximum

Federal Prosecutor Kathleen Grosjean indicated on Monday that she would ask for a maximum 20-year imprisonment sentence against Salah Abdeslam and Sofien Ayari. For the prosecutor, the charges are indeed admissible, as opposed to what had suggested Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer, Sven Mary, who had raised a question about the languages being used. The civil parties are in agreement on this subject.

The allegations involved against Salah Abdeslam and Sofien Ayari are not referable to correctional court on the basis of mishmash laws, but indeed on the basis of the 2009 criminal court reform, continued the Federal Prosecutor. The Constitutional Court decision to cancel some of its provisions therefore has no effect in this case, she says..

As to the length of the sentence, the representative of the Public Ministry underlined that the allegations were falling under Article 137, which is terrorist assassination. Even for Salah Abdeslam, who is a repeat offender, the maximal sentence sought for will be of 20 years, stated Mrs. Grosjean.

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