Medical certificates to be sent electronically

Medical certificates to be sent electronically

General practitioners in Belgium will from now on have the possibility to opt for the eAttest service for electronic sending of certificates. Implemented gradually and without obligation, the procedure is part of the modernization of the health care insurance planned by the Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Maggie De Block.

Since 2 January this year, some seventy doctors have been participating in a pilot project. As of 6 February, all general practitioners and general medical care services will be able to choose eAttest. In a later phase, the e-billing service will also be available to other medical service providers, such as dentists and specialists.

Those who have access to the software approved for the service can now send medical certificates via the electronic circuit. The doctor does not need to give any more proof on paper of the care given to the patient. The application transmits the necessary information in a secure manner to the insurer's health care provider, who returns a receipt number.

The patient receives from the doctor a supporting document including information on the amount to be paid, the amount of the fees (according to the agreement) as well as the receipt number. This unique number allows the patient to follow the treatment of his electronic certificate with his mutuality. Finally, the mutuality proceeds, after verification, to reimbursement on the bank account of the patient.

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