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Body of missing person found in Fleurus

The lifeless body of Jérôme Pinera, a 31-year-old man who has been missing since Sunday night, was found Thursday afternoon in a stream in the middle of fields outside Fleurus. He was epileptic and had vanished after visiting Binche. The man had spent Sunday night in Binche with friends and had drunk a few beers before returning home to Fleurus at around 4am. According to the video surveillance analysis the young man did not open the door of his home and continued on his way.

After trying to enter a café, which was closed, he went towards the station and disappeared from the cameras.

Alerted by relatives on Tuesday, the police unit for disappearing people began searching for him. Telephone calls did not locate him since his mobile phone was off. Epileptic and having to follow a treatment, he was not in possession of his medication, which worried all the more his relatives.

On Wednesday, a federal police helicopter flew over the Fleurus area to no avail. Yesterday, a meeting was organized between the police investigators cell, the prosecution of Charleroi and the relatives of the disappeared person.

As snowfall is expected Friday, search parties were organized on Thursday afternoon. They discovered the dead body of Jerome Pinera in a stream along a dirt road in the middle of the fields between Fleurus and Mellet. An external examination will be conducted by the medical examiner to exclude any crime.

The Brussels Times