A Brussels blogger is arrested for threatening behaviour

A Brussels blogger is arrested for threatening behaviour

A blogger, Cedric Z, was arrested on Friday in relation to a social media video where he burns a book by Marc Dutroux’s lawyer, Bruno Dayez. He also issues threats, according to a report in Saturday’s La Dernière Heure. This was confirmed by the Brussels Prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the suspect has been charged with threatening behaviour. He will be questioned by the Instruction judge in charge of the case on Saturday. This judge will decide whether he will remain in custody after the questioning.

In the video, the blogger burns the lawyer’s book, titled “Why free Dutroux?” He threatens Bruno Dayez with more consequential actions. He calls on citizens to revolt in the name of the “monster’s” victims and says he is indefendable.

Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life in prison on the 17th of June 2004. His lawyer is appealing for his conditional release. More generally, Mr Dayez is calling for the abolition of life imprisonment and the installation of a 25 year sentence. He thinks the justice system could help rehabilitate prisoners into society.

The blogger has organised a protest in front of the lawyer’s cabinet in Schaerbeek at the beginning of September, among other things.

(Source: Belga)

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