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    Early retirement for military and railway workers until 2039

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Belgian pensions minister Daniel Bacquelaine plans to introduce a 20-year transition period for military personnel, train drivers and railway workers with regard to raising their legal pension age to 67. Belgian media reported on Thursday that the pension age would be increased gradually each year for these categories. They will reach the pension age of 67 only in 2039 instead of 2030, as for all other employees (without taking into account any recognition of job difficulty).

    The Financial Inspectorate, however, has a negative opinion on this measure, according to the newspapers. The transition period for other civil servants is much shorter and making such an exception for train and military personnel would threaten the principle of equality.

    In the government, the N-VA party agrees to a transition period of 20 years for the military but not for rail workers. The MR party is against such a solution and the transport minister François Bellot fears railway strikes in that case.

    The Brussels Times