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    Prolonging teacher training could cost more than € 1 billion

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Extending the duration of teacher training as proposed by the minister of higher education Jean-Claude Marcourt could cost more than € 1 billion, according to  calculations by the General Secretariat of Catholic Education (Segec). Le Soir wrote Monday that the measure has previously been estimated to much less by consulting firm McKinsey (€ 377 million) and the ministry (€ 152 million).

    According to an analysis of the budgetary impact of the training of teachers, extending the training period from three years to four or even five years could cost up to € 1.1 billion by 2060 (three years of undergraduate studies followed by one year of master studies and possibly a fifth year of specialization).

    The cost estimate must be endorsed by external experts before being sent to the parliament, writes Le Soir.

    The Brussels Times