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More Walloon jobseekers finding jobs in Flanders

The number of Walloon job seekers who find work in Flanders increased sharply last year, reported De Tijd onWednesday. Last year, 22,415 Walloon jobseekers found a job in Flanders, an increase by 33% compared to 2016, according to figures from the Flemish Minister of Employment Philippe Muyters (N-VA).

Until 2015, the number of unemployed Walloons who turned to Flanders was around 13,000 per year.

Muyters and his counterpart Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR) promised in early February to help 2,500 Walloon jobseekers more per year to find a job on the other side of the language border. The goal for this year is already fulfilled.

“There are more jobs and fewer job seekers in Flanders,” says Thomas Pollet, spokesperson for minister Muyters. “This gives rise to more vacancies and more chances of success for a job seeker.”

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