Chickens gassed at Brussels Airport

Chickens gassed at Brussels Airport

Firefighters gassed some 20,000 chickens Sunday night at Brussels Airport at the request of the Flemish Animal Welfare Service. Two attempts to export the young chickens to Kinshasa failed and the transport company refused to take back the container according to Mediahuis on Tuesday.

The container with chickens was supposed to be transported last Saturday to the Congolese capital, but the aircraft could not leave for technical reasons. A second unsuccesful attempt was made the next day. The container then remained on the tarmac in full sun.

"On Sunday evening, a number of chickens were already dead, so we offered the transport company to take back the container, but it refused. We sent a veterinarian on the spot and he decided to shorten their suffering," said the spokesperson for the Flemish Agency for Animal Welfare, Brigitte Borgmans.

The fire department at the airport did not agree to perform the task. Firefighters from Zaventem did finally intervene. The agency has drawn up a report against the exporter for violation of the animal welfare law.

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