Family feud was behind Brussels-South shooting incident

Family feud was behind Brussels-South shooting incident
Security personnel supervise evacuation

A long-running family feud was at the origin of a shooting incident in the Brussels South station on Wednesday evening, which led to the busy station being evacuated for a time. The incident took place at about 17.00 on the central concourse of the station, for many international visitors their first experience of Brussels. Witnesses said they heard a loud bang, which led to members of the public fleeing the station in panic, guided by staff of the rail security agency Securail and police present at the time. Ambulances and military personnel were called to the scene.

In June last year military personnel shot and killed a man responsible for a failed explosion in the city’s Central station.

However following interviews with witnesses and inspection of CCTV footage, the Brussels prosecutor’s office determined that the shooting was not linked to terrorism. In fact, it goes back to a long-running feud between two families. The weapon used has been found and the shooter identified, though he had yet to be arrested as Brussels Times went to press.

No-one was injured in the incident, and disruption to rail services was described as minimal.

Alan Hope
Brussels Times

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