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Apéros Urbains goes into liquidation

The organisation Apéros Urbains, which organises after-work parties for people of all ages in Brussels, has declared bankruptcy. The non-profit has been operating in the city for the past 12 years, but the organisation’s financial situation was considered untenable. The application for bankruptcy was filed in March, but has only now been published in the government’s Official Journal, Le Soir reports.

The organisation is expected to come forward with an alternative business plans in the next few days, the paper says, though the bankruptcy ruling for the existing ASBL is final.

Apéros Urbains organised events providing drinks and music on Friday evenings from May to September, in various locations in the city. Some events attracted thousands; others fell prey to the chosen location, not to mention the Belgian weather. In 2017 in particular, bad weather led to the cancellation of several events.

The organisation also blames the attacks of March 2016, which not only led to the presence of military personnel on the streets of the city – hardly conducive to a party atmosphere – but also to increased costs on security for events organisers.

In an interview with Le Soir, also in 2016, one of the founders, Virginie Cwajgenbaum, explained the concept. “we wanted to launch something convivial, in spaces where people don’t normally go to party, like Place Poelaert, Cinquantenaire or Museum Square. You would never find us, for example, at Chatelain,” referring to a popular evening meeting-place.

Alan Hope
Brussels Times