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    Antwerp, Brussels and Liège affected by traffic jams

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Traffic jams are increasing every year on Belgian motorways and secondary roads, even during off-peak hours. Antwerp, Brussels and Liege are the most affected cities according to Touring’s 2018 delay index, reported Belgian media on Tuesday. In 83% of the cases, motorists traveling on E17 to Antwerp in the morning rush hour find themselves in traffic jams at the Kennedy tunnel, according to Touring.

    In the inner ring of Brussels, up to Grand-Bigard, delays in travel time are recorded in 78% of the cases, with a speed of less than 48 km/hour.

    In Liège, the N3, near Place Saint-Lambert (south-east direction) remains a black spot in terms of traffic. Traffic jams are found on average more than 80% of the time, excluding rush hours.

    The secondary network is also affected by the increase in traffic congestion, and not only during peak hours. “In the Brussels region, the problem worsens mainly during peak hours,” said Lorenzo Stefani, spokesperson for Touring.

    The delay index is based on traffic information sent anonymously by 750,000 vehicles in Belgium.

    The Brussels Times