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    Primark rolls out new clothing sizes in Belgium and beyond

    © Primark
    © Primark

    The Irish budget clothing chain has announced it will gradually introduce a new letter-based sizing system for its women’s collections across all of its stores. “The new sizing is trickling into stores now and will be used for a small amount of lingerie plus a large selection of womenswear,” a spokesperson said.

    Until now, the high-street Irish chain used a numerical sizing system that could be confusing to continental European shoppers. From now on, dress sizes 10 and 12 will for instance be marked “small”, sizes 4 and 6 will become 2XS or extra extra small, and sizes 24 and 26 will be 2XL or extra extra large.

    The new sizing system will only be used for women’s wear, lingerie and sleepwear. The clothing chain’s menswear collections will continue to carry the traditional numerical sizes.

    Primark currently has five stores in Belgium, with outlets in Brussels, Hasselt, Antwerp, Liège and Charleroi.

    Linda A. Thompson
    The Brussels Times