Clashes in Brussels following Red Devils’ World Cup defeat

Clashes in Brussels following Red Devils’ World Cup defeat

Yesterday’s defeat by the Belgian Red Devils side in a World Cup match in Saint-Petersburg led to widespread disappointment in cafes across the country, but also clashes with police in Jette in Brussels. Passengers in one tram at the Broustin stop close to the main market area in the commune had to debark because youths further down on the route were bombarding police vehicles with stones.

Meanwhile, peaceful supporters who had been watching the match, where Belgium lost 0-1, were retained by police in place while the disturbance was dealt with.

“There were a few disturbances in Jette,” a police spokesperson confirmed. “One was directed toward the police. One service vehicle was damaged, and one officer slightly injured They were able to remain in place.”

There were later clashes further down the line at Simonis, involving supporters on their way home from events in the centre. “It seemed like a lot, but in the end it was a few clashes,” the police spokesperson said. “Everything ended up calming down.”

The Belgian side ended the evening having lost 0-1 to France, who now go on to the final of the World Cup. The Belgian side will take part in a match to determine third place.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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