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Brussels moves to the rhythm of shared mobility next week

© Belga
© Belga

Shared mobility will be the central theme of Mobility Week in Brussels, which starts on Sunday 16 September and ends on Saturday 22 September. Brussels Region says it aims to acquaint its residents with the advantages of shared mobility and encourage them to use as many means of public transport as possible. The idea is also to reduce the density of traffic and give back public spaces to Brussels residents.

The slogan of this year’s Mobility Week, “My car? No need for one; sharing is enough”, was unveiled on Thursday by Mobility Minister Pascal Smet.

“All Brussels residents should look at this question. To decongest Brussels, beautify it and make it breathe, we all need to examine our habits, reflect on how we move around, change our behaviour and, who knows, give up our personal vehicles definitively for the greater good of our city and its residents.” 

Mobility Week will begin with Car-Free Sunday on 16 September, when the benefits of shared transport will be highlighted to Brussels residents and visitors to the capital. This theme will also play a key role throughout the week. A roving exposition will move through the city presenting before/after images of urban planning projects for public spaces in Brussels.

Many businesses and schools will be indicating their commitment to alternative mobility by taking part in a campaign organised by the Brussels Mobility Service around the theme of “To school/To work without a car”.

Employees of participating companies will take up the challenge of using as many means of transport as they can. Many ministers, mayors and other political figures along with private-sector bodies such as the Flemish Business Organisation, VOKA, and the Union of Brussels Enterprises, BECI, will also test the reality of shared mobility on the ground.

Energy utility EDF Luminus will close its parking lot for the entire week and offer its employees an opportunity to test public transport for free.

For their part, schools will not be forgotten. Two of them will even set up “School Streets” by closing their streets to vehicular traffic.

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