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    Skateboarder is latest publicist for Brussels


    A spectacular video made by skater and skateboard artist Jose Angeles has become the latest sensation on social media to promote the sight of Brussels. The stunts performed by Angeles include the sights of the city, including the Palais de Justice, Place Sainte-Catherine, Parc de Cinquantenaire and esplanade of the European Parliament among others. Along the way, the young man switches from skateboard to roller skates, but not without incident. From time to time he falls to the ground, but the wipe-out is left in the edit – such incidents are, after all, part of a skater’s life, as well as being part of a viewer’s experience on YouTube.

    The whole thing is a project of Visit.Brussels, the tourism agency for the promotion of Brussels.

    “In this way we wanted to show the world a rather more unconventional image of Brussels,” head of the project at Visit.Brussels. “And it works, because the clip had been shared widely on social media,” he said. On YouTube alone, the clip (see below) has been shared more than 80,000 times.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times