Hundreds of people protest against hatred and racism in Brussels

Hundreds of people protest against hatred and racism in Brussels

Hundreds of people met on Place Poelaert in Brussels on Sunday morning, to protest against hatred, racism and Islamophobia. The protest was organised by the CCIB (Collective against Islamophobia in Belgium). They marched under the slogan “Trop is te veel.”. “We have seen an explosion in the number of Islamophobic and racist attacks over the last few months,” says the President of the Collective Mustapha Chairi. “Our government is not doing anything about it.” 

“This is one action among many others we will be undertaking this week. It will also be our first action against hatred and racism in Brussels,” says the CCIB President. “We have organised meetings and conferences in five places in Brussels that should be playing a role in the fight against racism. On Sunday, the march took place in front of the Courthouse: if victims of hatred or racism can’t rely on justice, where can they go?” 

“’Trop is te veel’ wasn’t chosen as our slogan for no reason,” says Mustapha Chairi. “Racism towards the RTBF weather presenter Cécile Djunga is just one example of the numerous racist and Islamophobic attacks that have been happening over the last few months. There have been too many: the number of attacks has rocketed or they have been made more public. It’s good when someone like Miss Djunga talks about this kind of incident: it means other victims who are too scared to talk about it can recognise themselves and see the support she is getting.” 

The President of the CCIB also heavily criticised the inaction of the country’s different governments. “They have been promising an inter-federal plan against racism and discrimination for years, but nothing has been done.” 

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