Innovative political candidates in the Brussels elections

Innovative political candidates in the Brussels elections
The Brussels elections will take place on Sunday 14 October 2018

Local elections in Brussels will find out the results in a week time, when 49 local councillors will be chosen. The battle is hard due to the way Belgium electoral system is constructed, a mix system in between a party vote and a preferential vote. Political strategies to get elected exist at all levels, addressing a society that is composed of locals and expats. The great challenge however is to address a society that is more and more apolitical, in a country where voting is obligatory.

One of the candidates keep up with the times and pictured himself as a digital candidate. Artificial Intelligence may not be fully in yet, but a candidate that picture himself digital sends a strong message of somebody that is consistent with the times, has a sense of futurology, and is available on-line, in an environment that become important nowadays. On line is a solution to simplify bureaucracy and get more in touch with the citizen.

Razvan Hoinaru 2fff.jpg
Razvan Hoinaru, a candidate for cdH+CD&V, aims to introduce new and innovative approaches to the political scene in Brussels

Razvan Hoinaru, a candidate for cdH+CD&V, the one who created this digital campaign spoke to us. He thinks that is important for politics to change its old ways, and Brussels can set up an example worldwide. He has been teaching financial reporting at University of London and Bucharest University of Economic Studies. His campaign is based on education as this domain is the most known to him, obviously together with financial reporting.

Education is the basis for a sound society and investing the money right is important. In this respect, schools must change and address the challenges of today. He said that “all politics is local, even in the global sense and we must start from somewhere, and Brussels can be that point”.

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