About 70 Iranians demonstrate against Tehran government in Brussels

About 70 Iranians demonstrated in Brussels on Monday to demand that the European Union (EU) declare the government of their country a “terrorist regime”. The protesters also denounced the EU’s silence on the “massive human rights violations” and “waves of executions in Iran”.

“Iranian embassies act as a cover for the planning and execution of terrorist operations in Europe,” the Association of Iranian Refugees in Belgium (IranRef) said in connection with the demonstration. “In the past few months, four Iranian diplomats were arrested and expelled from Germany, France and the Netherlands for their involvement in terrorist plans. That is why we are calling for the closure of Iranian embassies on European soil and the expulsion of all terrorist Iranian diplomats.”  

The demonstrators recalled that on 30 October, the Danish intelligence services accused Tehran of preparing an attack against three Iranians residing in Denmark in retaliation for a deadly attack perpetrated in Iran in late September.

The French authorities also blamed Tehran for a foiled attack against a rally by opponents of the regime, held on 30 June in Villepinte, close to Paris, they noted.

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