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    Zakia Khattabi ready to be Brussels President-Minister

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Ecolo co-President Zakia Khattabi has announced that she will be top of the party’s list for the next federal elections in 2019. She has even said she is ready to take on the role of Brussels President-Minister if her party wins, during an interview with Le Soir on Saturday. 

    After their success at the last local elections in Brussels (three mayors, 14 councillors), the Greens are aiming to win a majority “to change the format” and “have the most ecological majority possible”, says Zakia Khattabi. She wants to focus on policies for urban areas. “I want to contribute to writing a new founding project for this Region”, she stated. 

    She will now head the list for the federal elections. Benoît Hellings was one expected to do so, but he is now a councillor for Brussels. But Zakia Khattabi has confirmed that she will “partake in negotiations anyway, for Ecolo and the Region”. If the Greens are in a position to claim President-Minister, she will do her duty.  

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times