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    New Bourse station includes space for bicycles and art

    © Belga
    The project accords importance to the sense of safety and passengers’, tourists’ and cyclists’ comfort.
    © Belga

    The heads of STIB (the Brussels Public Transport) and Brussels Mobility, the Brussels Minister for Mobility, Pascal Smet, and the Mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, opened the Bourse (pre)metro station on Thursday. The station has been renovated from top to bottom. Transformed, to take account of the central boulevards of the capital, the building from now on houses a huge cycle park, a repair point for minor fixes – due to open in March – and an artistic space, which will house temporary exhibitions. The building also offers easier access to persons with reduced mobility. 

    Generally, the accessibility, lighting and security have been markedly improved. As part of the works process, the efficiency of this essential connection for the underground link between the Gare du Midi and the Gare du Nord railways stations has also been improved. The station has additionally been renamed Bourse-Grand-Place, this at the request of the Mayor of the City of Brussels, owing to its location. It is less than 200 metres from Grand Place, which is a top tourist spot in Brussels. 

    The station now has an additional two main entrances, building on to the six already in existence, and by a large additional lift essentially intended for use by persons with reduced mobility and for specially adapted or otherwise large bicycles. The lift enables easy access to levels -1 and -2.

    The project also accords importance to the sense of safety and passengers’, tourists’ and cyclists’ comfort through the installation of public toilets and surveillance cameras in the building. Particular attention has been paid to maintenance and cleanliness. 

    The cycle park, located on level -1 of the station is accessible to all cyclists. It has a capacity of 194 spaces accessible to all. Furthermore, it offers 610 secure parking spaces for traditional bikes and 18 secure spaces for so-called “cargo bikes”. It is easily accessible via large stairways equipped with inclined channels (to enable bicycles to go up and down) and by using the lift. 

    The opening took place in the presence of deputies from the Infrastructure Committee of the Brussels Parliament. Activities intended for the general public were organized in the afternoon, in collaboration with cycling organizations and entertainment venue Ancienne Belgique. In the evening, the new artistic space “Qartier” opened with a preview.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times