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Why did Brussels trains stop this morning?

Brussels railway traffic was temporarily disrupted on Tuesday morning on the Brussels North-Midi route after a train ran a red light. Train traffic was able to resume on all tracks shortly after 09:00, said a spokesman for the SNCB.

 The train from Ostend to Schaerbeek did not stop for the red light at Brussels-Midi around 8:15 am, which caused it to shut down automatically, according to reports. 

Three of the six lanes on the Brussels North-Midi route were unavailable for rail traffic as a result. 

After the change of train driver – a normal procedure in the event of running a red light – all tracks were returned to the rail traffic around 09:10.

Due to the carnival holidays, the morning rush hour was less busy than usual, leading to fewer rush hour trains on the tracks at what should have been one of the busiest parts of the day.

The Brussels Times