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    Man falls into 8m hole in Lemonnier premetro station


    A homeless man fell into an 8 meters deep hole in the Lemonnier pre-metro station in Brussels this weekend, the spokesman for Firefighters Brussels has announced. The man was injured and was taken to the hospital, but is not in danger, said Walter Derieuw. Firefighters intervened to help the man around 19:15 on Sunday evening.

    The person was sleeping on a beam below the rails and lost his balance. He then used the flashlight built into his mobile to show where he was.

    It was the RISC team of firefighters, the team responsible for rescues requiring mountaineering techniques, who intervened to rescue the man out of the hole. A total of seven fire engines, the SMUR (Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service) and ambulance were sent to the site.

    The Brussels Times

    *This story has been updated to add additional information