Brussels Airlines making profits, but not enough

Brussels Airlines making profits, but not enough

Brussels Airlines is making profits, but not enough, financial director of German parent company Lufthansa Ulrik Svensson said on Thursday. Since the Germans took over Brussels Airlines, the Belgian company is part of the Eurowings subsidiary but continues to operate under its own name.

The German Low-cost airline Eurowings was heavily in deficit last year, while the financial results for Brussels airlines are no longer reported separately. 

During a press conference on the results of the German company, its chief financial officer said that Brussels Airlines was profitable, “but not enough”, without communicating figures.

“We are working hard to make Brussels Airlines more profitable with Eurowings and we have taken some measures, some of them similar to those decided for Eurowings.”

The result was affected by the additional integration of Air Berlin in the low-cost subsidiary, with 170 million in additional expenses weighing on the first three quarters.

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